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Get the Best Of Magneto Repair & Installation

When you've invested in an industrial gas compressor engine, it's important to properly service it with magneto repair and maintenance. Mike's Ignition in Edmonton, Alberta, provides full-service ignition installation, harness fabrication and repair, and annunciator panel installation and repair. Keep your engine working at its optimal performance with help from Mike at Mike's Ignition.

Magneto Repair

Mike is trained to repair Altronic, LLC magnetos and products. New magnetos are available upon request.

Magneto Repair Exchange Program

He will ship a magneto to you at no charge. You can take advantage of this exchange program by sending your damaged magneto to be repaired.

Rigid Primary and Pyrometer Harness Fabrication and Repair

Mike can build custom ridged primary harnesses and pyrometer harnesses that measure temperature. He can also install the harness if necessary. He provides in-house cleaning and refurbishing of existing harnesses as part of his full-service repair.

Annunciator Panel Installation and Repair

Send Mike your annunciator and he will handle all aspects of repair and installation for you. He conducts field services to test the panels and follows up each test with repair as needed. Mike can also completely install new annunciator panels.

Complete Digital Ignition Installations

Mike supplies and installs complete ignition systems as required for each engine application. You can also send complete digital ignition installations for testing and repair.

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How It Works

Simply send Mike what needs to be repaired and he will estimate the amount of work necessary to repair your engine, harness, panels, and ignition. Mike will then repair it and return it back to you.


Mike's Ignition offers a 90-day warranty on all repairs. Mike also offers a one-year warranty on new products or installations.